The Japan Foundation Endowment Committee

Please note that the application forms changed in September 2020. Please ensure that you only use the new form.

In 1974 the Japanese Government, through the Japan Foundation, made a donation of 300 million yen (then worth £455,000), the income from which was to be used for the promotion of Japanese Studies in the universities of the United Kingdom. The disbursement of this income is the responsibility of the Japan Foundation Endowment Committee (JFEC), set up under the auspices of the former University Grants Committee. There is an Executive Secretary, and the University of Sheffield provides the financial administration of the endowment on behalf of the Committee. Membership of the JFEC, however, is drawn from across the UK Japanese Studies academic community, and the Committee operates independently of any single higher education institution.

JFEC’s current remit is to provide small grants to support research in Japanese Studies by staff and doctoral research students in degree-awarding institutions of higher education in the United Kingdom. “Japanese Studies” is interpreted as covering research on any aspect of Japan within the humanities or social sciences (which may include comparative studies).

The JFEC is a separate body from The Japan Foundation, which has a wider remit and offers a range of funding programmes for Japan-related activity. Prospective applicants to the JFEC wishing to check whether the Japan Foundation can more appropriately support their work should contact it at Lion Court, 25 Procter Street, Holborn, London WC1V 6NY (Tel 020 3102 5020) or visit

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